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  • Update Maven and various Maven plugins
  • Update snakeyaml to 1.18 from 1.16, jackson to 2.8.8 from 2.6.3, typesafe hocon config to 1.3.1 from 1.3.0, gson to 2.8.0 from 2.2.4, and optional guice dependency to 4.1 from 4.0 where used.
  • Move usage of removed Guava method, update Guava
  • Resolve some issues with atomic writes by using more fine-grained time when generating temp file names
  • Allow resolving enums that don’t follow standard naming conventions. Lookup is case-insensitive and ignores underscores. If the enum has two fields that are equal except for case and underscores, an exact match will return the appropriate value, and any fuzzy matches will map to the first value in the enum that is applicable.


  • Allow Gson module to save empty files
  • Resolve configuration variables for hocon
  • Fix various issues on Windows
  • Correct file permissions
  • Improve error message when unable to find an appropriate TypeSerializer or when using raw types
  • Allow stripping header from files entirely


  • Correctly use UTF-8 when loading from a URL
  • Make setValue(TypeToken, T) be a default method in ConfigurationNode
  • Correct TypeSerializer handling of empty maps and lists


  • gson: Correct handling of long/double numbers
  • core: Correctly silence NoSuchFileException when loading
  • core: Allow specifying the default options to be used in a loader
  • all: Refactor AbstractConfigurationLoader’s constructor to take a Builder, making future extensibility easier
  • core: Add function-requesting default methods for non-primitive type methods (using a Supplier)


  • Update to require java8
  • Change map factory system to allow constructing a map with any key or value type
  • Switch from Guava’s CharSource/Sink to Callable factories.
  • Improve HOCON’s preservation of configuration element order (only when writing configurations)


  • gson: Fix GsonConfigurationLoader’s handling of empty files
  • core: Add a new field to ConfigurationOptions that allows default values used to be set to the config if no value is present.


  • [BREAKING] core: Refactor TypeSerializer to use registry, be more specific about how registries are handled
  • Fix atomic output stream’s temporary file locations in some cases
  • Fix transferring of comments to nested values
  • Fix gson loader reading all numbers as doubles
  • Add support for working with typed values using a TypeSerializer
  • Add a type serializer for Patterns
  • Allow configuration nodes to specify a limited list of acceptable types


  • core: properly implement equals() and hashCode() for configuration nodes
  • core: correctly pass key type to key serializer in map type serializer


  • core: Properly remove values removed from maps while reserializing data
  • gson: Downgrade gson dependency to 2.2.4 for expanded compatibility
  • hocon: Properly load empty maps and lists


  • core: add url and uri serializers
  • core: add uuid serializers
  • dependency version bumps (minor versions)


  • core: Fix jdk6&windows compatibility


  • core: Fix jdk6 compatibility
  • core: Add equals, hashCode, and toString to node objects
  • json: Bump jackson dependency to 2.5.2
  • json: Make pretty printing more flexible with new methods on Builder


  • Handle objects with null fields being serialized
  • Handle concurrent removal of nodes while saving in HoconConfigurationLoader
  • Fix node path comparator to correctly handle paths with wildcards in a few cases


  • Bug fixes
  • Add merging of config values
  • Add getKey, getParent, and getPath
  • Add merged and versioned transformers
  • Refactor ObjectMapper to be fancier and work better
  • Add gson-backed JSON configuration loader
  • Implement header loading
  • Add support for atomic writing
  • Allow choosing between serveal map implementations for nodes with map children
  • Polishing


  • Implemented object mapper system
  • Added configuration migration support
  • Added configurability to loaders


  • Initial release. Supports YAML, JSON, and HOCON